Be careful while eating bannana and other foods.

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A few minutes ago, I was in youtube searching for a video.
When I opened youtube app, I sow a video of BRIGHT SIDE. And I started to watch that video.

That video was about on a topic something like this, " if you see some round and different coloured spot in a bannana you are almost going to eat or taking for your dearer one, then simply throuh it outside. "

When I watched that full episode, I discovered that there is a big possibility of staying brazilian spider in the bannana.

If there is, you will find a lot if them them.
They will not be in a single number.
This spiders are much more dangerous the viper snakes.
So, you can understand, how venomous they are!

These spiders hides themself in other fruits too.
You can find them in grapes, Apples, oranges, black barries, and in some other foods.

As this spiders are quite venomous, if you see any of these coming out from any fruites you bought or was about to eat, call pest controls at ones. They will cheak at every corner of your house to find the last one of the spiders.
You might have to stay out of your home something like about three days.
Dont take that seriously, just simply do that. Hahaha.

Ok. Heres some pro tips for you.
Notice in the fruits when you are in market buying them. Cheak them carefully.
If you see any spot on them, don't buy those.

Go to the next shop.
Ok. So for the next time, be careful about this. And you can simlpy share the article to your friend to stay alert. Have a good day bye all....

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