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Sakibul Hasan Creative is a young Bangladeshi YouTuber and entertainer, digital marketer

Sakibul Hasan Creative is a young Bangladeshi YouTuber

Sakibul Hasan Creative is a young Bangladeshi YouTuber and musician, entertainer, digital marketer, he has got a huge reputation for his YouTube and music, entertainment content.

Sakibul Hasan, professionally known as Sakibul Hasan Creative,

Sakibul Hasan Creative (Sakibul Hasan) is a YouTuber, music artist and entertainment content maker. He was born on June 05, 2002, in Cox's Bazar (his birthplace). He is currently living in Chittagong with a family of four members.

Sakibul Hasan Creative made his first video with his friends in 2016. Then in 2019, he started working on YouTube. But he was not successful on YouTube then. He then created a Facebook page on 12 September 2019. So, he stopped making videos. But after the lockdown for the Kovid-1 virus in 2020, he got very upset sitting at home and decided to make a video again. And finally one of his videos went viral on YouTube which got 2M + views on Facebook. Then came the golden time for him. He gained more followers on his Facebook page and now has a huge audience on social media platforms.

In 2020, he released his first soundtrack titled 'Hasan Creative - Ping Hi_Free Fire Song 2021 (Official Music Video)' and started working in the music industry as a music artist. He has already uploaded lots of music and soundtracks to international music platforms. His music is available on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer, SoundCloud, Tidal, JioSaavn and other international platforms.

The reason behind his name (Sakibul Hasan Creative)

Many people think what is the main reason behind his name (Sakibul Hasan Creative). Shakibul Hasan always keeps himself busy by researching for fun and entertainment.

He always thinks about how to entertain people. What kind of content would people like. So as a result, you can compare him to a scientist. Since he does research on fun, he has decided to use the name Shakibul Hasan Creative as his social media name. He always loves to entertain people. On her Facebook page and YouTube channel, she uploads her fun activities to entertain people. Although he started working as a content creator and now he is also working hard to become a music artist. He said it was time to work as a YouTube content creator as well as a musician.

His advice to new content creators and musical artists is to work hard. If you want to achieve something, you must succeed. Shakibul Hasan Creative was once an ordinary boy. But now he is known by many people only for his hard work and passion.

Sakibul Hasan Creative  

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