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Animal Crossing: Unlock the Whoopee Cushion item.

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The April Fool's Day project will appear in Animal Crossing in the future. This guide will show the player how to use his or her Whoopee Cushion item to prank friends. Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to celebrate various festivals in another way. For example, from collecting hidden Easter eggs all over the island to using snowballs to make snowmen on the surface. In addition, there are many exciting activities. Animal Crossing is usually a game that will continue to provide players with new methods of island adventure. Now, as the game's 12-month anniversary is approaching, it's time to look forward to Animal Crossing: What the second year of New Horizons can bring.

The first major holiday after the anniversary is April Fool's Day, a trip dedicated to mischief and chaos. Whoopee Cushion is the best product to celebrate April Fools' Day. It can bring us a smile. What the players think is to collect their unique Whoopee Cushion items. The Whoopee Cushion item is usually a classic prank, and everyone has fallen at least once. The way it works is that when the player sits around it, it makes a loud fart sound. Smart players will also choose Buy Animal Crossing Items to avoid the farce. Although players cannot hide Whoopee Cushion in sofas or other types of seating arrangements, it is still an interesting seasonal item. It will only be designed for a limited time.

Whoopee Cushion generally appears from March 26 to April 1 of each year. Players can visit Nook Shopping Services to choose. It has a variety of colors for players to choose from. For example, girls will prefer pink. Boys will prefer blue. I prefer pink. Players need to make sure to collect this seasonal item before Whoopee Cushion disappears, and you will never see it again until the next season. Especially for those players who wish to collect all items among game players, this joyous event will appear for several days in a row. This is an absurd project. At least it can make the players laugh.

With Animal Crossing: Anniversary of New Horizons. It is hard to imagine what the past year would have been without them. In addition to hard work, players have also paid great attention to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For many players who spend a lot of time creating a perfect island trip, this game is like a safety blanket, which will bring safety and joy to players. Whoopee Cushion is just one of the joys. Players can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Items from ACBellsBuy. This is another joy. Seeing Animal Crossing: The content launched by New Horizons in the second year will be exciting. Easter is coming soon. Players can usher in the festival lineup again. You can put on everyone's favorite rabbit costume again.

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